LASPROGATA was founded by the Company’s Creative Director, Denise Lasprogata (Dee Dee) with the mission to inspire and empower women of all ages and nationalities. A trained Fashion Designer whom has worked prolifically in New York City, Rome and Milan shares her passion for her trade with her unique and timeless designs. Her work has been featured in People, WWD, Entrepreneur, Glamour, Io Donna and Fox TV as well as other press networks.

A single female artist, Italian by decent living in both New York City and outside of Milan, she discovered the Milanese Artist, Guido Crepax’s legendary work in January 2019 while in Italy for work. Instantly drawn to Crepax's character, VALENTINA she felt an immediate connection with this icon of personal power, visionary outlook and physical strength from the 1960s; as VALENTINA was a woman beyond her years, creating the life she envisioned for herself outside the norms of society. Wishing to share and inspire other women, LASPROGATA in collaboration with the Crepax Family, set out to create a Brand, CREPAX by LASPROGATA reintroducing the fabulous Italian icon, VALENTINA to women worldwide.

Like her muse, LASPROGATA believes in the unique, the unusual, one’s personal vision and most importantly, the female power of mind, body and spirit inspiring all women to BE THE DREAM YOU WANT TO LIVE.